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American Beauties Plus Pageant

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Meet the American Beauties Plus Director

Angela Howell currently resides in the "peach" state of Georgia, in a town called Duluth. She has been in the pageant world for about four years and carries/carried many titles. She judges pageants, is a pageant director and competes. It's all part of the wonderful world of Pageantry.  She currently holds the titles of Ms Georgia Classic Beauty 2005, All American Woman Plus 2005, Mrs. Georgia Plus America 2005,  Ms United States Achievenebt 2005, Mrs. American Beauties Plus 2005-2006.

Angela is a woman full of living life to the fullest, and has room to give to others to make them feel good about themselves. When you believe in yourself and hold high standards, everyone who remains in your life, is the mirror image of you. Life, health, happiness and spiritual support are essential to feel complete, compassionate and passionate in all that you do and achieve in life. It is important to develop a healthy routine with yourself and love yourself each and everyday. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, it shows. Angela has been a "statuesque" woman her entire life, and has developed and practiced positive self-attitude and self-esteem. Through these motivational skills, she has been blessed to share it with others, helping and guiding them to have a positive attitude and feel good about themselves. A Positive Attitude and Self-Esteem makes you smile.

Exude that inner beauty that makes you glow, shine and helps you to relate to others with contentment. Life is how you "Mold" it to be. So grab a hold of it and form the life that is best for you. It isn't easy, but it is worth every minute. SMILE!

Her hobbies and interests are living life to the best of my ability, and sharing it with people dear to her. It is important for her to help others, especially with the gift she has been blessed with, which is through talking, advising and sharing her time. Also, her passion for collecting teddy bears, dancing, music, genealogy, cooking and enjoying her family are part of her hobbies and interests. 

In January 2003, Angela was honored with the prestigious award of Georgia's Volunteer of the Year 2002. This was due to her participation and hard work to raise money for The LUPUS Foundation, Diabetes Organization, Battered Women's Shelter, Humane Society and the Motivational Speeches. Angela has been awarded the 2003 Georgia Volunteer of the Year, her second one in two years.

In January 2005, Angela was honored with the prestigious award of Georgia's Volunteer of the Year 2004. This was her second honor and presented to her from Governor Sonny Purdue.  Angela also received the President's Lifetime Achievment Award for her Volunteer Work, along with the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for Volunteer Work for 2004.

Throughout her life and career Angela has won several awards, such as, Who's Who International Organization Woman of the Year, The October Woman of Confidence award, and many others to numerous to mention.

Angela belongs to several organizations where she is recognized as a successful professional woman. She is a member/founder of the Delta Nu Service Sorority, Sisters in Success, Woman of Strength and Inner Beauty, Woman of Confidence and All American Sorority.

When she believes in a cause, she does her hardest to promote that cause through teaching seminars, giving speeches, working at the Battered Women's Shelters, and educating people about LUPUS and Diabetes letting them know they can live a successful and normal life and do the things they want and not let a disease hold you back. She has been doing this for five years, ever since she was diagnosed with both LUPUS and DIABETES

Throughout her career, being a Secretary to her current position as an Office Manager/Executive Assistant, her positive attitude and hard work have gotten her to reach the goals she strived for! 

Being a plus size/curvy person, model and spokesperson helps her to make others feel good about themselves, and that too is an accomplishment. Beauty comes in all sizes, not just a size 5, and in today's lifestyle it shows that beautiful women, inside and out come in size 14 and over! Her plus size/curvy modeling is something she has always dreamed of, but never thought it would come true…well, it has and she enjoys every moment of it. God has truly blessed her with many gifts and she wants to share them with people close to her.

In her spare time, she loves being and doing things with her husband, Richard and daughter, Jennifer and her grandson, Skyler. Their love and support makes her life complete! Angela also enjoys working on genealogy, read mystery books, quilting, collecting teddy bears, collecting cookbooks, and meeting people.

Live Life to the Fullest!

Believe in Yourself and Don't Quit!
Warm wishes,

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Angela Howell


DELTA NU Sorority website

Angela Howell is the Founder of the prestigious DELTA NU Sorority

Angela Howell American Beauties Plus Director * USA *